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Thread: pics, checking line at -50

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    Default pics, checking line at -50

    Got out yesterday, was -50 when I woke up and thermometer was reading -47 when I took off. About three inches of snow had fallen between checks, plus it had blown, and the toboggan was sliding like sandpaper over wood. After the first mile and a half on the river I wasn't sure if the dogs were gonna quit or what...was like hauling a heavy load of wood and they kept looking back at me with that "You better get off and run behind" look <grin>.

    Got around a bend where it wasn't blown as bad and they perked up, and I managed to get a couple pics before the camera froze up. Was trying to get a shot of the vapor trail around the dogs in the deep cold, must've been -50 or colder on the riverbottoms:

    Turned around to see if I could get a shot of the vapor trail hanging along river behind us:

    Ran up a side creek a little ways that was all frozen overflow, but ran into water and ended up turning around, spent a while bonking the rig off and scraping it. Neat to see the ice fog up the creek from overflow. Caught three nice marten, but couldn't get any more pics. Daughter snapped this one of me when I got home, but hard to see the marten or tell where my bear mitts end and marten begin <grin>.

    All in all, good to get out, was only out for a few hours. Saw a great gray owl at one point, swooped off a big spruce in front of us, amazing how shallow they can flap wings and just keep flying so effortlessly. Wish I could have gotten pic of the ice fog surrounding bend of the river where cabin is, on the way back. From a mile off it was really something to see it hanging and the inversion layer that prevented it from climbing any higher. And that is just one cabin with two stoves going...the villages and towns really get it bad.

    Happy New Year to everyone, good luck on the traplines,

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    Thanks for the new pics! HAPPY NEW YEAR! To you too!

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    you know mark there are times i do not miss being on the home stead... good to get out though is it.....
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    Default Great Pics!!

    I love looking at your pics Mark, keep them coming. Happy New Year to you as well.
    Pass it on, take a child hunting, fishing or trapping.

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    My husband, the lurker, was enjoying your pictures as he came across your thread.
    Great pictures!

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    Thumbs up

    I don't know what to say, besides "wow", impressive.

    Thanks for the info on the marten lure the other day. You were spot on about the "magnum marten" also. It was a pain to deal with and it was only 5 below when I was putting it out. Can't imagine dealing with it at your temps. Looks like I will be experimenting with liquid lures now.

    Take care, have a great new year.

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    Thumbs up Amazing

    As usual your pictures and storys are fasinating!
    (Another Lurker)

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    Talking Great pictures!

    Thanks for the pictures. It is hard to beat those cold clear winter days in Alaska IMO!

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    Thanks for sharing again.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks again for sharing some great pictures. I really look forward to them. Good luck on the trap line and Happy New Year.

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    Default Very nice Mark!


    Thanks for sharing! Awesome pictures as usual! Hanging at around -45 here. Got out on Saturday before the cold sunk in. Did good, but with limited traps set. Was hoping to get it all set before the break was over, but doesn't look like this cold is leaving anytime soon! Got two of the kids out on the line for the day, so that was good. Glad I carry those chemical foot warmers as we had to stop and get them loaded up on them as the temps dropped to -25 on the way back. The cabin is a life saver for sure as we got them warmed up and fed before heading back home.

    Happy New Years!

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    Very neat pics. I really enjoy the way that some hillsides will lighten up with the sun and others are shaded. I'm from the plains so the hills are very neat to me.


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