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Thread: alaskan jet ranger

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    Default alaskan jet ranger

    I was just wanting to know if anyone has any experience with this boat.I am looking at some type of inflatable with an outboard jet for running the holitna.Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I have a Jet Ranger, they are a great little rig. I use mine to access shallow tidal streams while bear hunting. Can be flown in. The lighter 2 strokes are getting harder top find.

    Check out this thread on mine.

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    After some research here on this board, I bought one last year at the boat show. Finally got to get the JR flown out to the south end of Kodiak and powered up some pretty skinny water, does pretty good and the boat is really tough. weight on boat is 150 lbs, Merc 2 stroke 20 jet 127 lbs, 18 gallons of fuel and misc boat gear around 150lbs for this trip. So I would figure around 450lbs of total boating weight for a fly out.(not inexpensive)

    With a couple of larger fellas(nutrionally enhanced) boat handles good upstream,and runs in only a few inches of water, coming down stream loaded will get your attention on some of the tighter turns. We opted to float downstream whenever possible.

    So if your looking for a skinny water fly out boat, the JR seems to be the best thing going.

    I would like to thank the posters here on this site that provided me with information last year on the JR


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    I have a new Alaska Jet Ranger I might need to sell.Please cotact me if any interest.


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