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    what are guys/gals using for footwear for ww and/or flatwater paddling?
    generally speaking, i wear tevas/chacos for ww day trips and wading boots for extended trips. i'm getting into packrafting this summer and am wondering what others do for footwear in IKs, hardshells and rafts/cats. thanks for any replies, abel6wt

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    Well my wife and I just bought our packrafts beginning of last summer. However we've found that these shoes work pretty well. Lightweight but give me plenty of support with a 50 pound pack on to comfortably hike all day with mulitple river/creek crossing and not have to worry about getting our boots wet cause we will always have a dry pair of socks to slip on in the tent to go to bed and usually our wet socks are dry or mostly dry in the morning to slip on and do it all over again. Its what works for us anyways.

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    I mentioned the Chota mukluks in the below thread. They look pretty slick. They come in a few different models. See bottom link.

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    I use a pair of stiff soled neoprene paddling boots. My feet are sensitive to rocks, so I prefer not to use boots with moccasin soles like the Chotas. Preferring instead a pair like the NRS ATB waterboots. For some reason they also have better traction when wet. They are not tall enough to keep my feet dry, so I just live with them wet. If it's cold I add a pair of SealSkinz Waterblocker socks. They don't block the water very well, but they do keep my feet warm.

    Many people use knee boots or even hip boots while rafting, but there are too many times I go in up to my hip or deeper for tall boots to work for me. I just use a pair of lined nylon pants that are warm when wet and dry quick. The other option would be a pair of chest waders, but I don't consider them safe for boating. If conditions warrant it I wear a drysuit with the ATB boots over the built in socks.

    When in camp I switch to a pair of athletic shoes, rubber shoes, or sandals, depending on conditions.


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