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Thread: Got Coyote...Now what?

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    Question Got Coyote...Now what?

    OkÖ so I am new to coyote hunting. I have been reading all of your post for the last few months and I have caught the coyote bug! I went and got a couple of calls and practiced. I am all geared up and ready to go. I just got one question and will probably sound real stupid to most of you, so please donít laugh me out of here.

    Once I finally get a coyote, what are you guys doing with it? I know coyote hunting is pretty much predator hunting and not game hunting (for the meat). So, are you guys just skinning the animal and getting the hides tanned? Or do you sell the furs? I could see putting a couple of pelts on the wall, but after 2 I would not know what to do with them.

    Do you guys tan your own hides? Or do you take them to a taxidermist? What about the carcass? Do you skin it at home or in the field and leave the carcass?

    Please forgive my lack of knowledge, but I figure I have to start somewhere. Thanks for any of your help.

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    I remember when I first contracted the calling bug, I had a post almost verbatim. Then after many years of persistance I finally bagged a predator. My advice to you is don't worry about afterward details. It's bad mojo for to count the chicks before they hatch, atleast that's how it goes for me.

    But since you asked...... I have skinned coyotes in the field and it was a frigid experience. Unless you have uber experience skinning animals take it home and skin it in the garage where it's warm. I would only skin a predator in the field if I couldn't carry the pred in the round. I'm much more patient at home when my warm fingers are holding a sharp knife for hours on end. In the field, not so much.

    My two coyotes are tanned by taxi's, and my wolf is being rugged. After my second coyote I lost the interest to bag another one, but that thoguht quickly vanished when I saw one run across a field last weekend.

    Good luck and post some pics if you bag one.

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    Default No dumb question

    Don't think you are asking dumb questions, every one on here is super cool (as far as I've been able to tell) and will do what ever they can to help you. So don't be shy about asking! As far as what to do with all the fur? I'm with watergremlin on this one, Get them all stacked up in the shed first, then figure out how many hats you want to give away for next Christmas! Don't be afraid to keep those questions rolling in!

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    There are videos on youtube that demonstrate skinning techniques just search "skinning coyote" and some will come up

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    sent you a p.m. about a video I have and some tanning advice....

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    Use to shoot them in Montana then took whole coyote to a fur dealer (Pacific Hide and Fur), when prices were good we got $40 for the coyote with the hide on, when they were bad we got $15. Wonder if such a place exists up here. You could always skin it and sell your green hide here on the swap and sell I guess, I think that is legal, same with wolf but I think you have to first have them sealed by ADF&G.

    We once got 8 coyotes in two days but the methods in Montana involved hunting with the land owner in stubble fields and shotguns out the pickup windows. When the snow was good we would run them down with sleds same with fox, key was to hit the fox with the ski as you don't want to find out what will happen if for some reason they get in the track.

    Methods are a lot different in Montana, some would call what we did unsporting, however they are dirty predators in some places that need to be thinned, so the upland game birds have a fighting chance.

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    Check this link out. Hope it helps. Moyles is a good tannery

    Nice Marmot.


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