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    I have a Maule M6 in and am looking to do one of a couple of things. I would like to do an owner assisted annual and/or trade the work in return for providing some flight instruction your plane or mine. We can work something out if no flight instruction is wanted but I can assist in the annual. I can re-locate the plane to Fairbanks and would plan on renting a hangar for the annual if you don't have one. I also need to re-cover the tailfeathers on the Maule before the annual will be done. I would like to do them myself with A&P supervision but maybe again we can work out some flight instruction. They are currently in Ceconite. I have experience doing owner assisted annuals, general aircraft maint. and fabric reocover using Polyfiber and some Ceconite. I am trying to work towards the experience requirements for my A&P so I would like to assist if possible.

    If you are an A&P with an IA then let me know what you think. My email is



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    I have a few leads. Thanks for all the replies.


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