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Thread: I need Ketchikan fishing information

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    Default I need Ketchikan fishing information

    I am planning a 5 day fishing trip to Ketchican this summer and need info on the area. I will be flying down from Fairbanks and my 3 brothers will be flying up from the outside. I have the fishing thing covered, just need help with the logistics part. Any help will be appreciated.

    reasonable place to stay:

    where to rent a skiff:

    possibly an area to chase black bears the last couple days in june, before the others arrive:

    Thanks again,

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    I believe you can get good lodging and rent a skiff at Clover Pass resort. It is on the north end of the Island facing Behm Canal. You can fish in front of the resort or go on over to Caamano point, Grindall island, or Guard island. Years ago I use to hunt black bear over on Prince of Wales island on Indian creek. I think June may be a little early for bear but my experiance may be a little outdated by now. The Clover Pass resort is run by Russell Thomas and he should be a good person to deal with. I knew him when he was a little child and have always thought highly of the entire family.

    If a resort is not what you are looking for you could stay in a hotel in town and drive out to Clover Pass for the skiff. I think there is a best western hotel across from the ferry landing.

    Good luck with your trip.

    p.s. I have always loved the Ketchikan area.


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