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Thread: Deshka Landing Trails Report 12/29/08

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    Trails Report
    Please make good decisions based off of your experience and knowledge. Conditions change by the minutes and hours, so please use this information as another resource to help you plan your outing safely. Your safety is ultimately your responsibility. This information is for recreational use. This report should not be used to substitute for your own knowledge and decision making ability. The DLOA LLC and those submitting the information will not be held responsible for any losses, damage, or personal injury that may occur while using this information.



    Reported By:

    Stewart B., David C., Tim B., John A., and Trail Boss used the User Trails Report to submit their first hand experience on the trails this weekend. They are now eligible to win a new DLOA fleece jacket!


    Highs of -10 this weekend. Lows down to -35.
    Weather History

    Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

    No new snow since Thursday when 10" came down at the Landing. Unofficial snow depth for the season is 21". Parking lot completely plowed.

    Trail Conditions:

    The trail from the landing to Scary Tree is marked and packed. Off trial has about 12-15" of new fluff since last week. The trail was re-routed around the decaying trough of shallow open water about mid way down. Temps on the lower Su and Yentna this weekend were around 10* but Sunday at the landing @ 1:30 it was -24*. It was windy all weekend and some trails are blown over, as are dips and gulleys. Still some open water holes and still some areas of overflow, but not on the established trails where conditions are very good.
    Trail Boss groomed from Long Lake on Sat. Down to scary tree first on the main river, bumpy,open shallow open water on lower area near hook up with Fish Creek Trail. Good up the Yentna to Luce's but a little wind blown! Trail a little soft.Should harden with cold! Came back Kroto - GCI Trail. Not Bad! Hope to groom Deshka River Crossover beginning of this week.
    Broke the trail from Skwentna to Angel Haven. Great snow, good trail, I wouldn't freight on it yet, but soon. Only 2 overflow areas as of 12/27. Flat and fast above Skwentna, lots of small chatter bumps downstream of Skwentna, but a great day of riding!
    Trail conditions from Landing to Shell Lake - stakes all the way, overflow at mouth of Skwentna River, overflow on Shell Lake, Range Road improved, heard Kroto Slough had overflow on it.

    The trails were awesome on the 27th of Dec. It took us 35 minutes to make Yentna Station from the Landing by way of the GCI trail. There was talk that the ice bridge on the Su trail had broken out but the water crossing was only a couple of inches deep. We broke a new trail to Angel Haven. The old trail was under all the new snow, hard to follow and a few of the crossings had collapsed.

    There is an ice ridge just below the Skwentna Roadhouse turn, on the Yentna river to be aware of on your South bound trip. It is right after you drop off the sand bar and it is about 8 to 12 inches high depending where you hit it and it runs at an angle to your direction of travel. I was way more fortunate then someone else as I found machine windshield parts everywhere. We marked it with some crossed stakes but it seems that our trail marker mowers are running a little early in some places.

    Angel Haven has fuel for sale. If planning to stop at McDougall Lodge you may want to call ahead. We have made 3 stops in recent days to find no one around.

    Lodge Reports:

    Alaska Backcountry Tours-

    McDougall Lodge-

    Talvista Lodge- Snow conditions: Currently have 4 feet of packed snow plus 5" of new snow on last Wednesday.

    Trails: 12/25- From Skwentna to TalVista Lodge the trails have been marked and groomed. There are some rough spots and bumps, so please be careful.

    The TalVista Lodge has food, fuel and lodging available. Please call Chris or Sarah @ the lodge for reservations 733-3066

    Other Comments:

    Gas available 24/7 with credit card
    Office Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday-Sunday

    Submit Your Report!
    As an ongoing contest, if you submit your report of conditions out on the trails you will be put into a drawing for a Deshka Landing fleece jacket! The more updated and accurate information we have, the more information we can get out to everyone else. The more reports you submit, the more chances you have of winning the jacket!

    Lucky winner will be drawn January 1, 2009. Limit of one report per day accepted for the drawing.

    I Sled Out of Deshka Landing User Trails Report

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    Cool thanks

    I am making plans for this weekend to try and break trail to my land up between lake creek and kilhitna river approxitmatly 80 miles north of deska has any body riden lake creek yet?

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    There were alot of people out Sat the 27th. It looked like Lake Creek had riders travelling that way, just not sure how far up or how many. The trail is hard and fast before Yetena Station, a little bumpy to McDougal and then gets better. Watch the sandbar approaches and departures. Some are at an angle, some were developing "holes" at the bottom, while others had some weak ice just off trail. Watch for overflow just under the snow surface if breaking trail thru new snow.

    Our trip out Saturday was better then our trip back. Way smoother that am.

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    There have been a few people heading back and forth on Lake Creek. With the temps where they have been for the past week I am not sure about what the trail looks likes. It was really windy just before the temps took a dive, so there may be areas where it is overblown.


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