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    Can you eat salmon eggs??? if so how do you fix them??? can you Can them??? brine them?? just like caviar??? Im sure someone has tryed it??
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    Thumbs up salmon caviar

    salmon roe is tasty!
    chum is best, king is next. i don't care for coho roe, but silver is okay.
    haven't tried pink, but it is a nice size.

    first you need to have fully developed roe.
    gently push the roe through 1/4 or 3/8 wire mesh to separate the eggs.
    prepare a 100% brine, and put the eggs in it for a BRIEF time, 30-60 seconds.
    you want the roe to just begin to lose it's translucency. drain in a stainless or plastic colander over night in the fridge and pack in 1/2 pt canning jars.
    this will keep in the fridge for weeks, and can be frozen.
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    my mother loves 'em...she is the only reason I keep the eggs...I'll bring 'em home and she'll give them a rinse in water then into the soy sauce and then right down the hatch...
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