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Thread: Nikon Monarch 3-9 problem

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    Default Nikon Monarch 3-9 problem

    I need some imput. I have had a Nikon Monarch 3-9 for about a year now. I noticed that when I change the power the eye relief also needs to change. I love the optics, but did not like this. I figured that it was just something that I needed to get used to.

    Well, I just bought the cheaper Prostaff, also 3-9, for another rifle. It does not have that problem.

    So my question is--Is this a factory defect? or is it a inherent problem with the Monarch?

    Thanks, Jdub

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    I don't have any Nikon scopes but...

    when I mount my scopes I mount them on the highest power setting, then when you go to a lower power your eye relief is the same place. This has worked with Leupold, Zeiss and Swarovski scopes. I would turn it up as far as it goes and get a good picture though the scope (this may not be where you want your cheek on the stock while shooting) and without moving your head turn the power to the lowest setting. If you can still see fine then I suggest you move the scope to that position.


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    Good info there 8nbait. I solved this problem by changing over to zeiss scopes on everything. Now I have a constant 4" eye relief regardless of power setting.

    jdub: you may be having problems with the scope if you are having a significant change in eye relief as you adjust the power. Most of the Monarch scopes are rated for 4" at the lowest mag and 3.8 at the highest. I would give 8nbaits idea a try and if it doesn't fix the problem then it is probably time to find out how good the nikon customer service is!

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    My Monarch dosent do this, I agree with LuJon, test out customer service.


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