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Thread: hunting on kenai

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    Default hunting on kenai

    my friend and myself just lost our jobs of 22 years, he is moving to nikiski
    this spring. my wife and i went to the kenai last spring on a fishing trip.
    it was great, my wife wants to move there also.I know how the fishing is but i was looking for some input on how the hunting is. thanks for any help.

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    Default Well...

    ... to be frank, not that good from my perspective. Most everything but moose and black bear are draw hunts, so you know how that goes. And as far as the moose... well, there are lots of cows, but I rarely see a bull. You could be one of the lucky few who put in their time and do well, however.

    There are plenty of black bear. Brownies are not open on the pen right now. Caribou are hard to get to, and carefully regulated. Plenty of small game hunting, especially now.

    I know lots of people in the area who elect to fly out to places on the west side of Cook Inlet or as far away as the Haul Road or McGrath. Many even hunt in the Lower 48. When I can, I will hunt in my old Bristol Bay stomping grounds rather than locally. But having said that, I personally know people who get a moose every year right on the pen.

    If you have lots of time, you stand a good chance of scoring. If you draw on goat or sheep you may have a chance also.

    The Kenai used to be a hunter's paradise, but many animals were nearly hunted to extinction around the turn of the century (the caribou were) and had to rebound. new growth from forest fires helped the moose to do that. Then came easy access to Anchorage hunters in the 50s, and I've heard from Homer folk that the influx of Russians in the 60s and 70s put a huge dent in the moose population. Also, the ADFG made some really bad choices about winter cow hunts in the 70s that were detrimental to the moose population.

    So anyway, the hunting isn't that great, but it's a pretty good place to live otherwise.


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