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Thread: Charley River-Yukon to Circle

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    Default Charley River-Yukon to Circle

    Thanks for all the help previously fellas.

    I am planning to do a float for moose on the Charley River next fall. Anyone here have any experience on that river? Any guidance for how to hunt it?

    What raft would you recommend for 2 people and a moose?

    what about for 3 people and a moose and caribou?

    My brother is thinking about coming along and so I have to figure out if it would be better to use a bigger raft or two smaller rafts.

    Thank you, PM me if you'd like.


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    Default Book...

    I can't personally help. But your request made me think of a book. Michael Strahan (forum member and moderator) wrote an excellent book on float hunting. Got it a few months ago myself. I wish I had bought it years ago. Great resource with tons of info. You can order it at the below website.
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    Default 5 star rating

    Embick was obviously impressed. The writeup he did sparked my interest as well. He only gave 4 rivers in Alaska this rating, based on several must haves.

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    im planning a charley trip this year also. from the info in embick's book, as well as the NPS website, you should be very aware that low water is a major concern on this river. the park service states the river is navigable from may through august, with peak flow in june. sounds like you could be dragging in september. you might consider not bagging a moose untill you are on the yukon.
    also recommended is packing very light, meaning two small rafts are way preferred to one big one. also, all things being equal, round rafts float higher than cats.
    heres the link to the nps page
    good luck.

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    Default pretty scarce for moose...

    I floated that section last fall for moose. there are a few around but you will have to work pretty hard to find them. The upper section was a lot more dragging than floating, and the lower section had lots of jet boats which start to take away from the whole point of "floating" a river.

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    Hi Guys:

    I floated hunted the Charley in 07 & 08. It is a great adventure and very enjoyable. Wright Air Service provided the transport - would highly recommend them. I would be happy to share any information that you would like - Please PM me and I will answer any thing that I can.

    Best of luck

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    Default using zodiac for moose floating

    Has anyone taken a 16ft zodiac soft bottom for a moose float hunt?
    will the hold up or are they not tough enough for a alaskan float hunt.

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    Default Sportboats for float hunts

    Quote Originally Posted by fish slayer View Post
    Has anyone taken a 16ft zodiac soft bottom for a moose float hunt?
    will the hold up or are they not tough enough for a alaskan float hunt.

    Let the river choose the boat. Sportboats work fine on deeper, slower rivers with no shallows and little current. But I don't recommend them at all for drifting downstream, and especially not when there is a chance of running into shallow water. One of the most vulnerable parts of a sportboat is the floor under the transom. The boat sits deepest here, and the floor is easily damaged when it is pinched between the shallow rocks and the hard bottom of the transom. Another reason sportboats don't work in faster drift situations is because you have to drift with your bow downstream. This means that as you back-row, you're pushing water upstream with your transom. It's not very efficient.

    On rivers with current and / or shallow water, you're better off with a conventional drift setup. If you must use an outboard, go with a cataraft and transom setup. They don't have a floor that's in contact with the water.

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