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    Anyone ever floated the Charley River for moose? I'm thinking about doing it this fall, what's the river like? I've heard that Caribou come through there as well. PM me if you have any tips for that river. Thanks and Happy New Year.


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    Keep in mind that you can not have a Moose and Caribou tag at the same time, one or the other. What kind of water craft are you planning on using? The upper section of river has a ton of boulders and low water to contend with. Plenty of boat traffic on the lower section.

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    Thanks, I'll get the moose tag and my dad wants a caribou. Although I doubt we'll harvest both, one is enough.

    I'm not sure yet on the raft, what do you recommend? What if we brought my brother, would you recommend going with a larger raft or two smaller? I've read that the upper river can be shallow by September and so I was thinking more towards using two smaller rafts if we had three people.

    Have you ever been up there? Whats it look like?

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    This site is a wealth of information:

    Do a search as well in the hunting and rafting forums and you'll get a lot more info.

    You'd be well served if you had someone along with some whitewater experience; there are some gnarly sections depending on water levels. Two rafts with three people is always a good idea. Also check out the NPS site for more good info and pictures:

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    I can't personally help. But your request made me think of a book. Michael Strahan (forum member and moderator) wrote an excellent book on float hunting. Got it a few months ago myself. I wish I had bought it years ago. Great resource with tons of info. You can order it at the below website.
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    friend of mine did the Charlie last fall... they did not see any legal moose.. but lots of moose hunters.. some with some with out moose on.. If your in Fairbanks.. pm me and i can tell you where to locate him...

    AF? whats up with not having moose and bou tags at same time?
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    Default charly suggestions

    I did the charly from 3 fingers in sept 08. Was a great float trip, not a great moose area but they can be found. As always there are things Id do different next time. COntact me if you want to save yourself some grief.

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    Smile Charley River

    Thanks for the post.

    I am thinking about floating the Charley, although strongly considering paying a little more money and floating the Sheenjek forn moose.

    My dad and I are going, and I've heard the Charley can be a LOT of work and a LONG float. He's not as in shape as I am, and I worry that if were dragging rafts and so forth it might wear him out and make it no fun.

    I've heard that the moose are there, but the population isn't that great.
    With most of the good moose habitat above Galvin's strip, and that the rocks below Galvin's can be tough with a load. How many bulls did you see in how many days? Did you get one?

    Did you see any caribou? I am going for moose, my dad for bou.

    How many days did it take you? Did you go all the way to Circle on the Yukon?

    How many other hunters did you see?

    Did you fly with 40 mile air? How were they?

    What did you like about the river/area?

    If you have any other info, I would appreciate it.

    Thanks alot


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