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Thread: 45-330 gould express

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    Default 45-330 gould express

    would like to hear from anyone that has experiance with this load especially in the field. sounds like it has a good reputation for a gamegetter but first hand experiance is always best. i also havent heard what game its been proven on. what hardness would be best for hunting moose and caribou and what kind of velocity are you pushing these through at? i am thinking these loads might be better because of the hollow point allowing expansion which would work better for lung shots or at least not blowing out both shoulders of game meat.

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    I did some experimenting with this bullet back in the '80s. I found that the HP pin was way to long (made the HP cav too deep) for the velos I was loading to in my Ruger #3 I shot them into water @ 1800 fps & they would blow completly to bits every time. Not a good choice for Moose! If I were shooting moose with a 45-70 I'd use a very heavy bullet,air cooled WW & try to break both sholulders at once.

    For deer I'd shorten the pin to no more than 1/3rd the bullet's length, cast them from 1:20 tin lead, keep the velosity to less than 1400 fps & lube with a simple Crisco/ bee's wax lube.

    For for Caribou, I'd use a different rifle and jacketed bullets. My 2 cents.



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