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Thread: Turkish 98 mauser/700 remington barrel

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    Default Turkish 98 mauser/700 remington barrel

    Someone on this forum once informed me that a Remington take off barrel would screw right onto some large ring 98 actions.

    The action that I have is a very clean Turkish 98. I would love to screw a Remington 243 barrel onto it. Would I need to cut a thread or two off off the Remington take off barrel so as to short chamber it for reheadspacing purposes ?
    I have a buddy that works at Brownells and he has access to go/no go gauges and both rough cut and finish reamers.

    New Remington take off barrels are readily available and can be had for less than 50 bucks. I just need to know for sure that the they will thread onto the Turkish action before proceeding!

    Thanks EKC

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    Default A bit of misinformation, perhaps...

    There is enough meat on the threaded end of a 700 Remington barrel to make new threads to fit your Mauser, but the only thing that a 700 barrel will screw right onto is another 700 or 721/722 Remington.
    Finding a gunsmith willing to make the 700 barrel screw on and make the sights come up right is another problem. They're out there, but it adds to the complexity of the job, and that equals $$$.
    Mauser threaded barrels are available from Midway, namely the Adams and Bennet brand, that will screw on, and are short chambered, but one last 'problem' is with your Turk action. Most of those are set up for the small ring pattern barrels, and most of the readily available barrels in that pattern are for 'low pressure' rounds such as the .300 Savage, 7X57, 6.5 Swede, and occasionally the .250 Savage and .257 Roberts, fine rounds in their own right, but not a .243, and not free.


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