What a horrible position I find my self in
My wonderful wife & a friend went together & got me a gift certificate from Wiggy's.
Now I need to decide what bag.
My current bag is a 20* Slumberjack Ultimate. I find myself getting chilly in the mid 30s with this bag (have heard the same thing from a few other users) but do'nt know if I just sleep cold or if it's the bag. I've neve had a "Really good" bag before, so I can't compare.
I don't think I want the extra weight of the Super Light 0* bag as I don't intentionally winter camp. I'm thinking either mountain hunter (25*) or Glacier Hunter (15*). I usualy wear light polly in the bag. Will be a back pack Kenai Pen. moose hunting/high country spring & fall black bear & if I get lucky sheep/goat bag.
Do you guys usually sleep warmer or cooler in a Wiggy's bag than in a comparably rated competitors bag?

Mark, if you are out there I'm going to be in town the 2nd& 3rd. Will you be in the store? Any great year end phone specials going on between now & then?