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Thread: Which float to do

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    Default Which float to do

    My dad is coming back to Alaska this summer, so I am planning a semi-inexpensive fishing trip. We are looking at doing the Gulkana River or Lake Creek. We are both very experencied white water boaters so rapids issue is no problem. We will mainly be fly fishing for Rainbows and Grayling. going in July. Like to hear your thoughts on what would be your choice.

    Also read little about taking a heli and doing Clear Creek out of Talkeetna, any thoughts on it. Thanks in advance

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    First of all, welcome to the forum. Lots of knowledgable folks here. Glad to have you join in.

    Have not been myself, but I did buy all the Duke brothers dvd's. They did four float trip dvd's. No Grammys, but worth their weight in gold if you are floating one of these rivers and looking for insight. Lots of info on the fishing, some info on the hazards, and each dvd comes with a little booklet of assorted info that would be very useful to someone planning a float trip. They are for sale on the forum store. Below is the link to the Lake Creek dvd.

    Not sure what your budget it, but July would be a great time on the Goodnews in SW. I did that trip in 2007. Great fishing for kings there in the first 2 weeks or so of July. Lots of bows too. If you want any info on that trip shoot me a pm or email. Happy to help if I can. It is a fantastic float trip.
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