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Thread: Deshka Landing Trails Report 12/26/08

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    Thumbs up Deshka Landing Trails Report 12/26/08

    Not many people coming in, so I don't have too many more specifics since Monday. Tons of snow fell Thursday night, so we will be out in the parking lot snapping it into shape on Friday!

    Trails Report
    Please make good decisions based off of your experience and knowledge. Conditions change by the minutes and hours, so please use this information as another resource to help you plan your outing safely. Your safety is ultimately your responsibility.



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    Joe W., Bob P., and Trail Boss used the User Trails Report to submit their first hand experience on the trails this weekend. They are now eligible to win a new DLOA fleece jacket!


    Highs between 0 to 10 above this week. Lows down to -5.
    Weather History

    Snow Depth At Landing Parking Lot:

    New snowfall of 10 inches of new snow since Monday at the Landing!
    Right side of the parking lot has been plowed, but will need a second go around on Friday. The left side has not been started to be plowed, so please park near other vehicles to make plowing easier.

    Trail Conditions:

    There are some bumps out there, but the new snow should help out some. Lack of people coming through the office, so I don't have too much more information.

    Larry H. and Dave L. groomed the trails all the way from the Landing to Luce's on 12/22. They should be in good shape for the holiday.

    Groomed Deshka River X-over Friday and went through the swamps up towards Susitna Landing. Great run!! Lots of fresh untracked powder.
    Trails are a little bumpy here and there on the Susitna River. There are some dangerous cave ins on the trail just about a mile north of the Yentna River confluence. The Yentna is smooth sailing to Luces. Alexander lake trail was great until the the kids with there high powered trench diggers ruined it. Please play in the powder and not on the freight trails.
    Conditions have cooled off and remain -10 to -20 below at night. Deshka River cross over trail is solid. Follow the marked trail to avoid crossing over private property. Back trails to Mona and Neil lake are in and well traveled.

    Lodge Reports:

    Alaska Backcountry Tours-

    McDougall Lodge-

    Talvista Lodge- Snow conditions: Currently have 4 feet of packed snow

    Trails: 12/11- From Skwentna to TalVista Lodge the trails have been marked, but signs have not been posted yet. Due to warm temperatures last week, our trail is icy and bumpy.

    The TalVista Lodge has food, fuel and lodging available. Please call Chris or Sarah @ the lodge for reservations 733-3066

    Other Comments:

    Gas available 24/7 with credit card
    Office Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm Monday-Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm Saturday-Sunday

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    Lucky winner will be drawn January 1, 2009. Limit of one report per day accepted for the drawing.

    I Sled Out of Deshka Landing User Trails Report

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    Thanks Larry H. for pulling that rollback truck off the launch road Saturday night. (not me)

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    Here's my "safety Dad" advice for the river visitors. We had abundant snow last week followed by steady winds Friday and Saturday. The snow did NOT set up in the wind so the fluff is still out there. And there's some seriously fun snow out there. However, the wind helped to disguise the stumps, holes, and ice jumbles that lurk under the snow. In most cases you can't see them but you can still whack them. Beware.

    Thanks to Larry for the alternate trail around that pesky running water. It was only a few inches deep but the wife freaks out just the same. Especially in the dark! 15" of new snow and sub zero temps all week and that channel opens up. Another river mystery! The trail is well marked including X stakes to indicate where not to go. In the snow and the wind those markers are a welcome sight. Thanks!!!!


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