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Thread: coyote hunting mentor

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    Default coyote hunting mentor

    I have alway wanted to put a coyote pelt on the wall but i have really no idea were to go or how to call them in. So i thought i would hit the fourums looking for a mentor / partner or at the least some good advice. Tips would also be appreciated thank you

    ps I live in wasilla by trunk road

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    Good luck coyote hunting up here!

    There isn't very many coyotes in AK compared to the "lower 49". I've only seen two up here in the last few months. Don't get me wrong, they are here but they are not plentiful like other places.

    I moved up from Wyoming where I could go out and call in over a dozen in a day. And see quite a few more than that. From what I've seen up here thats not possible.

    I have heard that the numbers are rising though...

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