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Thread: Big lake- truck or snowmachine

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    Default Big lake- truck or snowmachine

    I'm going to fish Big Lake tommorow but I'm wondering if I can just drive my truck around or should I take the sled? Is there too much snow or is it fairly plowed?
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    You can take your sleds if you want, but there's definately lots of plowed roads. I've been using my wife's car to make the run to big lake, and I get all over the lake. Keep your eye out on the weather. We got about 4" of snow on big lake while we were fishing today, but it still was no problem. By the way, fishing was pretty decent today. Caught about 15. Mostly small, but two nice ones.

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    Just drill a hole outside the driver's side of your truck and fish in the comfort of the truck! You could have the heater running and some nice tunes on the radio. Talk about a nice shanty!

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    Default Go with the sno-go

    Just got back from the Nancy lake and it was snowing good all the way back to Wasilla (at least 3" in the 2 hours we were there). I would suggest you use the sleds. Not only will you have less chance of getting stuck but you will be able to fish many more areas. Good luck fishing though however you plan to do it!!!


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