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Thread: Kenai Mt. Caribou DC001; anyone with info for snowmachine hunt?????

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    Default Kenai Mt. Caribou DC001; anyone with info for snowmachine hunt?????

    Last chance to get out and the refuge finally opened for snowmachine traffic. Had permit two years ago and went in from Hope with horses on a successful hunt in august. Didn't have time to go in early this year and was waiting for snow. Chugach NF closed to snowmachines this year and foiled initial plans. Refuge is the only access now and I have not been on that side of the hills. Anyone with info on acesss or if the caribou are still in the hunt area would be greatly appreceated. Looking at topo's north of chickaloon river to indian creek.


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    usually by this time the 'bou are all up by american pass. iirc nobody has reported a harvest in DC001 after september in recent history...
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    Res pass is closed to snowmobiles this year, apparently its a decently fast ski to the pass nowadays though
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