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Thread: dynafit?

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    Default dynafit?

    Anyone have experience with Dynafit boots and bindings? I like the concept but they are spendy. What do you think?

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    i have a pair of dynafit bindings with compatible garmont boots. i got them last year and am not sure what to make of them. as someone who has been an alpine downhill skier all his life, i transitioned to AT skiing just over 2 years ago. i also have a pair of fritschi freeride bindings on anothe pair of skis. the combination of lighter skis, dynafit bindings and lighter boots (garmont megaride) is something i am not used to for carving some turns. there is less support in the boot and then less contact area in the boot/binding interface, so all this makes it harder to drive through your turns. i think they would be great for > 1 day touring, where weight plays a more important role. i don't do that much, just daily backcountry skiing. many boots, black diamond, scarpa, and garmont make dynafit compatible boots, not just dynafit.


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