Heading out with my scout group:

Its Christmas guys! Lets have some fun.

I am taking my scout group for a camp out up the Little Noatak River this weekend and I wanted to ask other dad out that way if you guys do the same? This is our first winter outing and it will be in one of those cabins we have been talking about in Noatak National Park. Any suggestions are appreciated!

We are working with 1st year scouts, all 11 and 12 years old. I have had these guys for the past 4 years and it should be a good outing. I will take pics of what it looks like up here in the middle of winter. We have a grand total of 1 hour and 20 mins of daylight this time of year but we donít need no stinking daylight! We will be traveling up on snow machines about 30 miles from Kotz, takes about 35 mins mostly a crossed Kobuk Lake. Kobuk Lake is one huge body of water boys! We have to cover about 18 miles to get to the river.

Pics to follow!

33 miles north of the Arctic Circle
Kotzebue Alaska
So close to Russia I canít see it!