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Thread: Help me plan a fishing trip this weekend?

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    Default Help me plan a fishing trip this weekend?

    So I've been out to Long Lake, Big Lake and Canoe Lake so far this year. A couple of little bows at Canoe and thats it. Got completely skunked all 3 times we tried Long Lake and the once at Big.

    We wanna go out this weekend, but I am sick of sitting around not knowing what I am doing. We are a little poor, we have a small rented shanty but no fish finder or anything. Do you guys have any suggestions on some good lakes and locations? I would really, really appreciate it if you can offer any help at all. We were thinking Lake Louise, but we don't know if it's any good nor do we know the locations to fish at.

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    what kind of fishing are you wanting to get into?...quality or quantity?...
    pull my finger....

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    Big fish at lake louise but can be slow at times. Fish the islands in front of lake louise lodge.


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