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Thread: fishing near anchorage help

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    Default fishing near anchorage help

    My wife and I will be staying in anchorage on our honeymoon starting October 17. Can anyone give me some info on fly fishing guides within a few hours of anchorage? Is there any fish to be caught this time of year in the rivers?
    Any Help would be much appreciated.

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    There are still fish to be caught in October, but you might be hard pressed to find a guide. I'd do a Google search for guides in Cooper Landing and spend some time on the phone. (unless someone here can recommend a guide that works that late in the season?)

    As for fish, your best bet is going to be rainbows and dollies either near Cooper Landing (Kenai River, Russian River, Quartz Creek) or north of Wasilla (Willow Creek, Montana Creek). There may be some late silvers in the Kenai still, but I wouldn't count on doing any salmon fishing.



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