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Thread: long range shooters/ranges?

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    Default long range shooters/ranges?

    I have recently taken up long range shooting, so i wondered if there were any "designated" ranges that went out to 1k yds?
    there are several of us with tactical rifles that would like to get together and do some long distance work. Traveling way the heck out to a ridge trying to stay away from everyone else, or to jim creek is somewhat impractical because we always seem to have someone pop up on us!

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    the rifle clubs have regular shoots at 1000 yds at the Fort Greeley range and out to 600 yds at Ft Richardson

    both have pits and pulled targets

    see come out and shoot

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    Thanks for the site!

    Looking at the photos, and I'm assuming this is you. Got 2nd place the day I got married.


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