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Thread: Transportation to/from Manley from Fairbanks?

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    Default Transportation to/from Manley from Fairbanks?

    I need some help. I have a moose hunt planned for next fall. I am going to fly into Fairbanks but fly out of Manley Hot Springs to my hunting area. I need a ride over to Manley and back before & after the hunt. I have a partner who is showing up 10 days later than me too so need three trips total. I understand it's about 4 hours and the road isn't exactly pretty. Wondering if there are any shuttle services I could hire or if anyone might know someone who wants to get paid to make the drive. We're willing to pay for time and fuel and/or give up some moose meat if it helps.

    ANY help or suggestions at all would sure be appreciated.

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    Why not just Rent something?

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    Two reasons.... first I'll be hunting for about 20 days straight and it would be expensive to rent for that long when the vehicle would just be sitting in Manley for three weeks. Second... I'll show up on the 4th and drive over. My partner isn't showing up unil the 12th so he'd need a second vehicle to get there.

    Hoping to find one solution that will work for both of us.


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