Here is an unusual one for you all.
I was at Birchwood on Friday, left my drivers license to use a couple of sand bags while sighting in .375. When I went back, my license was gone. There was one sitting there, and according to the man working, I was the only person with borrowed equipment out at the time. He figured mine was taken by mistake. The license left, had the last name of Barrineau?? I think. I dont honestly remember exactly. We tried to look up a phone number before I left, but no luck. Thought I would try here before I go to replace it. I did not take the other license, it remains at Birchwood, although I did leave my name and number there. If anyone recognizes the last name could you contact me or this person and see if they maybe were shooting on Friday and got my license by mistake.
Any help is much appreciated.
Chris MacKinnon 227-5045