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Thread: 7mm Rem Mag Velocities?

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    Default 7mm Rem Mag Velocities?

    What are the maximum velocities you are getting out of a 140 & 150gr?
    Please throw in a few rifle spec's.


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    Understand that this is my info from the mid 80's:

    Savage w/24"bbl:
    -140gr Rem factory,5sht avg=3175
    reseated to 1/16th short of lands,3sht avg=3101
    -140gr Nosler BT/68.4 H4831,3sht avg=3215

    Browning A-Bolt Hunter w/26"bbl(wish I would have bought this one!)
    -150gr Rem PSPCL factory,4sht avg=2990
    -140gr Nosler BT/69.3 H4831,3sht avg=3325
    69.8 H4831,2sht avg=3311(I figure I'm over
    max when a charge increase=vel drop)

    Rem M700 w/24"bbl:
    -150gr Rem PSPCL factory,4sht avg=2930
    -140gr Nosler Solid Base(MY favorite c+c bullet!)/69.8 H4831,
    3sht avg=3255

    til later

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    Quote Originally Posted by 340Wby View Post
    What are the maximum velocities you are getting out of a 140 & 150gr?
    Please throw in a few rifle spec's.

    My 700 BDL I picked up new in the 1970's notches into the high 3100's with a near-max load of the old original H-4831 under Nosler 150 partitions or Hornady 154 Spires. Never messed much with the 140's because they seemed to lose any velocity and trajectory advantage real fast as range stretched. By the same token, Nosler 160 Partitions beat the 150's for velocity and energy as range stretches, which is what I want from my 7 mag. I can get right at and slightly over 3100 out of 160's with that old 4831. But velocity drops more significantly when you move up to 175's. I tend to use them when I want a little more mass in my bullets for short range shooting rather than for long range.

    On paper and on a whole lot of long range game shooting to well over 400 yards for deer to moose, the 160 Partition has proven to be the best bullet for me in the 7 mag. In my experience the round gets a little puny in the britches if you use lighter bullets at long range for game larger than deer.

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    I agree with BrowBear's post on the Nosler PT 160's. I found them to be accurate (.75 MOA) out of my Ruger M77 7mm RM. I was getting a little over 3000 with the 160's with my handloads seated just off the lands. The only thing i didn't like about the partitions was their soft nose which was easily deformed so I started loading up 150 Ballistic Tips and was getting a little over 3100 with them but stuck with the partitions for hunting because the BT's came apart too easily.

    I also agree about the 140's. I think the best bullets for the 7mm RM are the 150 - 160 range.

    Nosler now has a higher BC 150 gr E-Tip out. It's a tough mono metal bullet that will keep up with the Paritition downrange. That's the way I would lean if it shot well in my rifle.



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