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    Default montuague island

    just wondering if anyone has been out to montuague island, late fall time and what there opinion is, and if they had any luck.

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    I've killed deer there in November. Lots of deer, a little hard for access in Oct and Nov because of the weather.
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    Default Plenty of Deer

    It's been a few years since the last time I was out there but we always did well. There are some good bucks on the island but if trophy bucks are a priority for you then there are better choices. Me and my group are meat hunters; we had no problem filling our freezers.

    The terrain is mostly rolling hills, not so many mountains like on Kodiak. There are some brown bears on the island but not too many. I've always hunted there in mid to late November and I have never seen a bear; however, I know guys that have had issues with bear in October.

    There are US Forest Service cabins available for rent. They are a much more comfortable option than tents. If arriving by air taxi, they will most likely land on the beach at low tide. That means when planning your hunt, you will need to pay close attention to the tides and the time of day. There has to be enough day light AND enough beach for the plane to safely land on. As AKDoug mentioned weather is a real issue that time of year. I have never been picked up on the day we were scheduled for pickup. Not because of issues with the air taxi but because the weather was not safe to fly in.

    It's a good hunt and a great time. Just be sure to do the Boy Scout thing and Be Prepared.


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