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Thread: Wiggy's Sleeping Bags vs Barneys Bags.

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    Default Wiggy's Sleeping Bags vs Barneys Bags.

    I hear a lot about Wiggy's bags but not much about Barneys.What gives? Who has some honest and straight foward opinions? Does Barneys ibex have a shaped footbox? I need a bag for a backpack sheephunt for early sept in the Alaska range. Wiggy's glacier bag seems to come up often. Let's hear it! Thanks, Ken

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    Default Barneys

    Barneys doesn't have a bag. They sell bags, but don't have their name on any of them. I think they do a lot of the Integral Designs bags.
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    Default Wiggy Bags Compared to Barneys Fire Starter Bags

    1st off I would never Trust my Life in any Bag other than a Wiggy Bag! They continue to keep you warm even when WET! Call Mark @ Wiggys Alaska 907.336.1330. For your Hunt I would look at the Mt. Hunter or the Glacier Hunter. Good Luck on your Hunt!

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    Yes, I understand Barney's bags are made by I.D. Those are the ones I'm asking about. Ken....

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    Frankly, any synthetic bag of decent quality will keep you warm when wet. That's the whole point of using them instead of down. There is nothing magical about a Wiggys bag. They are great bags, but nothing that isn't offered by many manufacturers.
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    Default bags

    I have had both and used them here in B.C. in conditions identical to those in AK. My choice of the two came to be Integral Designs North Twin aka Barney's Ibex and I also have an Andromeda Overbag with it, as developed for the Canadian Forces. These are the BEST synthetic bags I have used since my first in 1964.

    That said, MANY experienced guys LOVE Wiggy's bags and report very good results with them. I would tend to buy the one which YOU feel is best for YOU and let it go at that.

    I did find that the ID bag seems to compress better and the cut suits me better than Wiggy's, but, the realtime difference is minor. I MUCH prefer a "draught collar" in a bag, but, a warm and useful bag CAN be made without one, it's your preference.

    Try to get inside each and see how they feel to you, I have found that buying bags is almost as much a pita for actual fit as buying boots.

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    I got a zero degree wiggy bag this Aug. which is a good lofty bag.(reviews on this site well considered, thanks) My wife stole it right away and my twins outgrew their junior bags. Sept, I ordered another exact same wiggy bag which is approx one third less loft upon arrival. So cust. service says return it, and I get a replacement on warranty that is still poor loft (approx 20+ degree loft)compared to the August bag. Now I call Wiggy himself and explain politely the loft issue and wonder if he is using diff insulation that also felt matted and harder than AUG. bag. He says I can't be satisfied, so return for a refund. I said thanks and no more Wiggy's for me.
    So, then research says climashield is the best synthetic out now, and I'm very satisfied with three more North Face climashield bags with a better fit,and more features,and a good warranty. I have to say, a Western Mountaineering down bag really has me drooling.
    I REALLY hope this is an isolated incident and not a major quality control issue!
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    Kuteney, Check your p.m's please. Ken

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    Default Just call me Frugal

    Wiggys are great bags but my boys and I winter bags are mil surplus extreme cold wx bags with a bivy covers total cost under $100. I picked up the bags from a surplus store in Montana and the bivy covers on Ebay. Slept out in a tarp shelter last weekend at -5 and was plenty warm. Let me know if you want contact info for the fellow in MT.

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    I have a Wiggy's hunter with hood bag and find it to be quite awesome for hunting from the ATV or boat. It is a bit heavy to carry too far. I however have just bought a Barney's bag of mummy design for backpacking. I went with Barney's on that bag because Wiggy's did not have a bag that would properly fit a wide bodied 275lber. Barney's has a deal with integral designs to custom fit the bag to your size. I find that to be quite awesome in getting a good light bag for hunting. Both companies have quality. Barney's just has the custom fit option- priceless for the large fellow.

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    Stratofisher, Do you know which hunter bag you have? Weight? Temp rating? Thanks, Ken.........

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    It is the hunter superlight with hood 0 deg rating at 6.3 lbs. It is a rectangle bag. Really comfortable, but heavy and bulky.

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    I have used Wiggy's bags for about 15 years now - When I first started guiding in NE Oregon the outfitter I worked for became a good and trusted friend - When we first met he had a surplus military down bag made up in a traditional cowboy "bedroll" and each and every night when he settled in he would say that when the bag "went" he was retiring - Well, a client talked us into trying Wiggy's bags and he was their best salesman after that ! I know no less than 22 people who USE and swear by Wiggy products


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