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    Just wondering what everyone thinks about this ruger rifle. Just picked one up today new in the box and what type of scope would you put on it..

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    Its good enough that Ruger didn't see the need to change anything and make the new Ruger 350RUM. For me a fixed 4X or small 2X7 would be the glass or better yet a nice peep.

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    Default Scoping up a 350 Rem

    Hello AKMike,

    The big 35's are one of my favorite calipers. Congrats on the find, you won't be disappointed in terminal performance.

    I just put together a Schultz & Larson model 65dl bolt gun in 358 Norma Mag (which is just a pinch faster than the 350 Remington cartridge) and have found my choice of scope to be outstanding for that particular cartridge. I selected a Schmidt & Bender 1.5 to 6 by 42 Zenith illuminated variable. This is a high dollar German scope but I bought it used and in excellent condition. I went with the Talley low mounts too. A very nice rig that allows me to keep both eyes open while looking through the scope at the low power, for close in shooting on the one end and a respectable 6 power for the longer end of that cartridge's longer capabillity.

    I paid just under a grand for the scope (Ebay) and traded odds and ends clunker guns for the rifle. No out of pocket expenses there for the gun, a bargain for the scope.... but more importantly a solid, well matched system that really packs a punch.

    You might also look into the Schmidt and Bender Zenith 1.1 to 4 by 24. I see those frequently on Ebay used at bargain prices as well.

    The Schmidt & Bender quality is legendary and these lower powered scopes seem to escape people's attention in the same manner as the 35 caliper has generally escaped the public's attention. The size of the scope is not too over powering to the rifle and the glass is superb.

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    There are some great Pre-Christmas deals posted on the "Shooting Optics" forum from one of our sponsors "gr8fuldoug" that would be a good choice for your 350 Rem mag caliper. He has some of the lower powered variable Swarofsky scopes at great prices.

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    I mounted a front sight on my Ruger Stainless All Weather M77MKII in 350 Rem Mag.
    I also bought a NEGC peep for a back-up rear sight. Then I mounted a Leupold 2x7 VXII using Warne quick detach rings. It seems to work well.
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