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Thread: Remington 600 failed to fire

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    Default Remington 600 failed to fire

    It was -2 degrees and it would barely dent the primer unless
    I warmed it up for 15 minutes in the truck. I'm sure there must be grease in the bolt on the firing pin spring. This has happened before.
    Does the bolt easily come apart for cleaning? I gotta get the oil / grease cleaned out. Should I use a parts washer (solvent type)?

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    600 Rem bolts are a little tricky to disassemble you need to have a vise and a 1/6 inch piece of metal to shim the cocking piece before you can unscrew it to clean out any grease or crud. If you didn't what to disassemble hang bolt in oven over a catch pan heat to say 200 or 250 degrees for an hour or so when cool enough to handle clean in solvent tank and blow dry with air should take care of your problem. Oh yeah one more thing make sure wife is not home when you are baking the bolt in her oven. Good luck

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    Default cold weather gun lube?

    Great idea DuckToller.

    I'll try it. Any ideas on what oil (Remoil etc) work in the cold? This rifle failed up north at -40 once and I used gas from a snowmachine tank and my long johns for a quick fix to get a caribou that stared at me like I was crazy. I was brand new to Alaska way back then and my buddies told me to put the bolt under my armpitt..........*%#! I yelled while they danced and laughed. I thought I had that bolt cleaned up good, but it did it again.

    Amen on using the oven while she is gone. Last year, despite telling her that I didn't smell anything burning and it must be something in the air, she busted me with a flywheel ring gear in the oven. A poor man has poor man ways!

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    Once you get your bolt cleaned out try 'Ezox'. It's a 100% Synthetic good to at least -40f with out a problem. I've used it on semi-autos twice on a winter caribou hunt years ago on snowmobles. Once at 25 or 30 below and the other time the windchill was about -60 with blowing snow. Rifle fired both times and two caribou fell dead. Gutting was no fun - but that's another story. The action was not sluggish at all. I like it as a winter lube and it's the only lube I use on any of my semi-autos, rifle or pistol, winter or summer. Also great inside of any revolvers you might carry in the winter. Give it a try.

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    There are several good cold weather oils & lubes Some are
    Eezox -95F to +450F
    Rem oil -40f
    G96 gun treatment -40f plus
    Mil-com TW-25B
    weapons oil us GI Mil-L-14107C-am.2 good to -75f
    LSA MIL-l-46000C -65f to + 450f
    I use LSA


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