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Thread: Game farm or place to buy birds for dog?

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    Default Game farm or place to buy birds for dog?

    Is there a game farm or place a guy can buy some birds to work with a pup around Anchorage, Wassila?
    If so does anyone have their info, or now the cost?

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    chugiak, ak

    Default falcon ridge

    Falcon ridge out towards point mackenzie. He normally has chucker and pheasant. Getting kinda late for him to have some left, but as of 2 weeks ago he did. Gary is a great guy, I will be training hard out there again come May 1st!

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    Default info on Falcon Ridge?

    I have heard about Falcon Ridge a few times now. I would love to be able to come out and hunt there a few times in the summer. Is that a possibility? I live in Unalakleet but spend a couple months in Kenai each summer. How does membership, or hunting a day or two work there?

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    Kink Alaska surrounded by sled dog kennels, a fabulous view and lots of hunting.

    Default Falcon ridge web site

    It would be best to call Gary and see what's up.

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    Thumbs up dog training/birds

    .Falcon Ridge is the best...


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