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Thread: Poll, How many are at work right now?

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    Default Poll, How many are at work right now?

    Are you like me, do you day dream about hunting and the outdoors at work? How many of you keep the forum open on your computer at work to pass the time?

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    Member dwhunter's Avatar
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    May 2006

    Default At work

    I will admit it, I am


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    Default viktor

    I check during the day to break the hectic pace and just regroup and relax for a minute or two. At least i can day dream about hunting!

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    Default At Work

    Only when I can, and some days are better than others... and check again at home after 6 pm. Try to get all the info I can!
    Thanks and lots of great info!

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    Member Frankie 2 Times's Avatar
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    Apr 2006
    SE Michigan


    I spend part of my day at the office watching the forum. I've got two little ones at home... future hunting and fishing buddies. IF I had mor tme at home I would spend more time online there as well. For now its mostly during office hours and after everyone at home is in bed.

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    Default Work

    Ok, me too. I can at least talk on the phone and read at the same time. Already have my next two hunting trips planed. Doesn't hurt dream of a third

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    Default both

    I look occasionally through the day and, when the wife lets me, sometimes in the evening )

    The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....

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    Default At work..

    I mostly leave odd on the screen and read/respond when I can. At home too when I get time and the wife doesn't mind.



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