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Thread: looking for a t-crate, pacer, or colt

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    Default looking for a t-crate, pacer, or colt

    hey all,
    So i am brand new to the forums here and I really like what I have read so far. All praises from me. I am also brand new to flying but would like to buy a plane as it is something that i have always dreamed about. I have flown a fair amount in my buddies pacer tail dragger and have love it. I also like the characteristics of the t craft. anyway, I am just graduating from college and moving back up to anchorage. I have a job on the slope for the i will have some $$ in the pocket to make my dream a reality. so, If anyone knows of any good starter planes for sale...I really just want to take the plunge and get a plane that i can lean to fly with get to know. any other advice is welcome too!

    Thanks again..

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    It all depends on your mission and your wallet. The Taylorcraft will probably be your best bang for your buck. But Pacers can be really nice too. I wouldn't really recommend Colts because parts for O-235's are becoming more and more scarce and they have that funny wheel on the nose.

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    Default Pacer for sale

    Hi Paul sent you a E-Mail about my pacer. Tom


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