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Thread: New model Blackhawk 41 mag

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    Its been awhile! All I can say is that I have tree stand butt. Happens every year about the first of October through the middle of December.

    Some probably remember an earlier thread that was to do with me giving the 41 mag a go this year on whitetail deer. Well I'm pleased to report that I fired two rounds and killed two deer.

    Since I had antlerless only tags for shotgun( and or handgun) season I just knew a nice buck would present itself and true to form a half hour after daylight on opening morning a nice 140 class 10 pointer paraded right past at less than 20 yards. I got an even better look at him the next day as my son who had a tag for one with horns sat on that very perch the next morning and like clock work "same place same time" he showed up again only this time Jr. way layed him with his 37 Ithaca.

    Later in the afternoon of the first day I move over the hill as the wind went northwest at 35 mph and the temp dropped to single digits. I know thats probably balmy in Alaska but neither the deer or the hunters in Iowa are as tough as they are up north so I got my old bones out of the wind. As luck would have it the deer were thinking like wise only I got there first and was waiting in ambush. There first to die was a real cuttie, about half grown with with real long eyelashes. You know, the ones that taste like veal. I killed that one with one round through the neck at 35 yards. No flopping or nothing...kind of a boring death if ya ask me. The second came about a half hour later and was a whopper doe. I plunked her in the boiler room at about 65 yards. She made a mad dash for Alaska but came up several thousand miles short. She went full tilt for a hundred yards before going 8 toes up.

    My assessment is that the 41 mag is the perfect whitetail handgun round. The wound channel left by the 175 grain Silver Tips that I was using equaled anything accomplished with a 44 mag and 240 grain XTP's on a dozens or so deer that I have harvested with them. The recoil of this 41 is pretty much on par with a stiff 158 gr. 357 load. Maybe a tad more but still a lot less than my old 44 mag.

    The 175 Silver tips are probably not the ideal bullet for whitetail, unless you shoot em in the neck or ribs. They were what I had and they shoot extremely well out of this 6 1/2 in BH. Because of time constraints I didn't have time to work up loads or mold any hard cast stuff. But then the first six rounds I fired out of this new to me gun (the same Silver Tips) went into a nice 5 inch cluster at 75 yards and thats plenty good enough to bolster my confidence.

    A whole lot of guns have come and gone over the years but this 41 is here to stay!

    I also harvested dandy 9 pointer, 19 inch inside spread and 12 inch G1's with my muzzleloader( mid October) and a 130 class 8 pointer with my bow during the rut(early November). There was a lot bigger stuff out there in them woods but I spent more all day , pre dawn till after dark days in the woods this year than any year ever.....what else can a feller do?

    A local farmer had a bunch of depregation tags (to many deer/to much crop damage) so I harvest three does with bow for him in that regard.

    Time to put all the deer hunting stuff away and switch channels. Coyotes it your turn!

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    Quote Originally Posted by elmerkeithclone View Post
    Later in the afternoon of the first day I move over the hill as the wind went northwest at 35 mph and the temp dropped to single digits. I know thats probably balmy in Alaska
    Don't matter who you are, anything under 10f and wind blowing 20+ is COLD!

    Sounds like you had fun, and enjoy your .41Mag. Good luck to ya on the dogs!


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    Default 41 Mag

    Get sporting TRY coyotes with the 41 mag. But, just in case take a rifle TOO. Coyotes are more fun, the fun doesn't stop when the hammer drops; all you need is another location and start over.
    Good shooting !
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    I have been contemplating commissioning a custom Ruger by Bowen based on the .41 mag. I'm still saving my pecos. Glad to hear of your success with yours.


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