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Thread: Sumer Grayling

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    Smile Sumer Grayling

    This is a very detailed story of how I caught a large Grayling

    As I whipped my fly out into the array of lights casted by the sun's everlasting shine I watched my fly float down through the ripples as a huge Grayling showing off it's impressively large dorsal fin launched from the water and engulfed my fly as it flew through the air I was amazed to see how large it was. And that was just the beginning of the fight he would pull but I would keep tension on him so the fly would not come out of his mouth and I would walk with him and real up the slack line and then walk backwards slowly now then BOOM it was a brawl he took off so I jumped onto my knees and grabbed him got a quick picture and realest him back into the stream.

    Well I would post a picture along with the story but i took the picture with a film camera and I couldn't figure out how to scan it on some way sorry

    But at least you got the story

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    Your'e posts of fishing and moose hunting are refreshing. Keep 'em coming. Hopefully you'll get a digital camera for Christmas as I'd like to see some of your adventures.

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    Pictures!!! That is what we want!!!!
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