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    Hello my name is Noah Kadisch and I'm new to AOF and Alaska in general. I've come to Alaska via the Airforce. I was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia. I'm eager to learn about the Alaskan outdoors as well. I'm sure i will need to learn new styles and ways of fishing, but i know the concept remains the same. I am an experinced fisherman having caught;Freshwater: rainbow, brook and brown trout, lagre and smallmouth bass, striped and hybrid bass, catfish and various sunfish/bream Saltwater: various types of shark and ray, cobia, spanish makeral, red and black drum, bluefish, weakfish(sea trout) and various types of smaller "baitfish". I wish to broaden both my fishing and experince in my three years in Alaska. Any helpful advice, tips and tricks would be greatly appriciated.

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    Welcome to the ODD! You will find plenty of info here.

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    Well Naoh first welcome to Alaska.

    Might I suggest you list a few things you would like to get information on first. You asked an open question with many answers possibles.

    Due to the fact you seem to be a fishing fool (which is cool) Sorry! I suggest you pick a subject matter and asked related questions. It is apparent you already contain a wealth of fishing knowledge so paticulars would be much more helpful and forum members woul dbe able to provide you with indepth information :-)

    Again Welcome to AK I am sure you will enjoy your time here.

    Blue MOose

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassAssassin View Post
    Any helpful advice would be greatly appriciated.
    Don't eat the YELLOW Snow!!

    Welcome aboard!!!!
    Look over the board, talk to your local AF buddies and find out what you would be interested in i.e. Species, Lake, River or Salt fishing etc. And ask away!!!

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    Stay away from Drifter016. He is a good cook, great fisherman, and a friend of mine. The problem is he is a canuck. LOL You have come to the right place for information. There is always a weath of it being tossed around on here. Sit back, relax and dont be afraid to ask questions
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    Welcome! Hope you have plenty of popcorn because this group is the king of comedy with loaded information...Its hard to change the channel

    I can't imagine any outdoor question here that can't be answered. ENJOY!
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