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    Default Multifunction Upgrade

    I'm looking at upgrading my multifunction electronics. I've looked at the Garmin 5212. It looks pretty good. Does anybody have any experience with these? Or, how about something comparable in Raymarine, Furuno, etc. What are the good and bad features? Any information here would be valuable. I don't mind spending the $$ but I'd like to be happy when I do.

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    Homertime, I've got the 3010 series I bought with my boat two years ago (little did I know that Garmin was going to orphan it that year! - leaving me with no upgrade opportunities). I think you'll find that it will do everything you want it to, and some things you don't even know it can!. The 5000 series has a touch screen interface, and I thin that would work well, but haven't tried it bouncing along at 30 knots in 4 ft seas either . . .

    I like the user interface, the latest generation software is cosmic - I don't think you can go wrong with either the 4000 or the 5000 series. If you're over 40, get the biggest screen you can get (the 12") - it makes it easier to see when you drop your glasses . . .



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    Default Raymarine C or E

    I have had no problems with the raymarine c series. I have it linked to my engine,radar,& depth sounder. There are some sales on right now at boaters world that may interest you. I have only heard good things about the garmin also. Furno has a very nice package aswell. Get to the boat show and check them all out and pick the one that suits your needs best.

    Happy shopping


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    Default multi-function chartplotters...

    I'm running a Raymarine package also.. the c-80 multifunction display linked with an RS 125 GPS sensor, DSM300 digital sounder module and 2kw Radar. My Icom M304 vhf is also integrated into the system. I boat basically year round, both in the "inside" along the BC coast and also venture offshore atleast 3 - 4 times a season, and have logged over 100 hrs since I got my boat in April. I have been very pleased with the performance of this combination, especially those times in lousy weather when I really needed it. One of the things I did was to get the unit "commissioned" by Raymarine during installation so I could be sure that the radar/gps system was accurately calibrated, and the emergency functions were fully integrated... he also registered my system with the Coast Guard etc.... relatively inexpensive(approx. $400) and gives me abit of peace of mind. I had a Garmin system in my old boat and was pretty happy with it too, but I must admit this package is very user friendly and has performed very well for me. By the way, I did alot of research and product testing,,, and recommend that... also, the Boat Show in Vancouver offered great savings for me.
    Good Luck with your shopping!
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    Raymarine C-80 chartplotter/sounder/radar
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    Thank you all for comments. They are greatly appreciated. Just came back from a small vacation. Now I can get serious. Sierra, I'm over 40 and I agree completely.

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    Default The cost of the 5212 is approx $1K more than...

    4212. That difference could pay for a GMR 18" radar system.
    Have been told by a electronics installer in WA that he has seen three of the 5212's returned because of problems, but none of the 4212 units.
    I got a demo run through with an onboard 5212 equiped with all the options and it was impressive both for the ease of operation and bottom resolution.
    Check out both units and see for yourself which one U like.


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