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Thread: I just wanted to make a comment about Steve at AK Tactical

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    Default I just wanted to make a comment about Steve at AK Tactical

    I bought a single point sling for my AR-15 rifle, and realized I needed an adapter that fits on the buffer tube. Being the newbie to AR-15 rifles, I attempted to install it myself by trying to remove the castle nut with a stock wrench I had purchased with the adapter. I couldn't get the darn castle nut off, and I was scratching up the finish. So I took the lower to AK Tactical in hopes that Steve or someone there could install it for me.

    Not only did Steve install it for me, he told me that the front take down pin had no detent, and I knew it was unusually loose, because I had to replace the pin, and he did them free of charge, didn't even have to pay the 95 cents for the detent.

    AK Tactical has my business for sure from now on.

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    Have to agree a great place. Years ago when he worked for chuck I didn't care very much for him but he has figured out what it takes to have a good business.

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    Steve's the greatest. I got my first "paid for it myself gun" from him in 1987 when he was back at the old Gun Tradders. I just graduated from High School and needed an AK-47 baby -=collapsable Hungarian w/1200 rnds of milsurplus.=-

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    Lol I bought my first surefire from those guys. Great crew they have over there. Didnt try to oversell stuff, explained it all quite well, etc. If i were still in anch they would have my business any day of the week.

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    I agree, I have been very happy with Steve at AK Tactical. He has always been very helpful and has good advice when it comes to AR15's.


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