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    I have a friend that is not into hunting, but wants to take a gun safety course with his young son. He does not own a firearm, but is smart enough to know that his neighbors do, and would like his son to know firearm safety if at a friends house who does have firearms. I could not offer any suggestions to him for a class. I know F&G has hunter safety courses, but do they have just firearms safety courses? Any other organizations in town offer courses?

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    I can't help you here, but I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your friend. Man, send him a big pat on the back for him from responsible gunowners everywhere, and thanks for hooking him up. How I wish all other non-gunowners were like him.

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    If you are in the Fairbanks area get in touch with Joe Nava. he would be able to put something together to meet your needs.

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    Talking certified pistol/rifle/shotgun courses

    Steve @ Alaska Tactical on muldoon road offers certified courses for beginners. I believe he has paperwork on what the class pertains too, he would be the best to talk to about somethine like that. I believe his courses are held at birchwood shooting range.

    Steve @ AK custom is taking NRA certified gun courses to teach safety/shooting classes. I do not know when he will be officially certified but a phone call wouldnt hurt.

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    If you're not coming up with other options, the hunter safety courses are a good deal -- I did one with my son a year or so ago. Several kids in the 8-15 range there, too.

    I'd say more time was spent on safety than hunting, plus there was time spent walking the woods (at Rabbit creek range) with rifles and some shooting time on the range, both of which helped reinforce the classroom topics. For $10 or whatever it was, it was a deal and a half.

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    I don't know where you are located but you might want to ask at your local gun store. Quite often they are very helpfull.


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