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    What kind of wire do you all use for anchoring your snares to logs or trees, copper seems to be pretty spendy but the only thing I can find at the local hardware stores. is there something else out there thats a little cheaper that works well and can be bent to hold a shape yet strong enough?.

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    Depends on what type of snares you are setting. For wolves, the most common wire used is #9 wire. Comes in big rolls and is very strong. For my lynx/fox/coyote snares, I have crimped #11 gauge wire to my snares. It will hold your snare "right" out there. I also use these wires to anchor my traps. For wolf traps, I only use heavy chain though. I ordered my #11 gauge wire through Minnesota trap products. You can order 5 rolls of it for $30 bucks. I think they also sell rolls of the #9 also. They will ship the cheapest shipping they can for you and they have a quick turnaround and are great people.

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    if you lve in the valley or anch. you might try Ft. Greens on the palmer wasilla highway they got wire 3 different sizes dont remember the size seems like 9,11and 14 I think and lots of other stuff

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    found it on MTL thanks


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