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Thread: Richards Cabin White Moutains

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    Default Richards Cabin White Moutains

    Attempting to confirm if the Richards Cabin off the White MTNs trail has been converted to propane. BLM is stating that it is but I saw a recent pic with hugh stacks of wood by the cabin to the point where one would suspect there is still a wood stove in the cabin. Also I have never used a cabin with a propane connection I imagine that I can just bring a full BBQ tank and hook into it. Better have it full in the winter and I hope you connect the tank inside otherwise going to be hard to get any fuel out of it.


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    I haven't stayed at Richards cabin; but have stayed at 3 other White Mountain Rec Area cabins so far this year and they all have wood stoves for actual heat. Even the Wickersham Dome Trail shelter has a wood stove even though the website says it doesn't. All of the cabins have propane and gas lanterns. The propane ones are usually in better shape. And it also appears they all have the standard coleman propane cook stoves. Only propane we brought out there were the small cylinders for those two items.

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    Default wood stove, propane lantern and cook stove

    The last time I was out at Richards, 2 years ago, it had a wood stove, and a gas cook stove and a gas lantern. I believe that blm was referring to "converted to propane" they are talking about switching from white gas to propane burning stoves and lanterns.

    Richards cabin is in a beautiful spot - enjoy your trip!

    I just got back from skiing out to Cache Mt Cabin, which is on the same trail as Richards for the first 7 miles, assuming you are coming in from mile 42 of the Stease - the trail is is pretty good shape to the turn off to Cache Mt, with lots of drifts in sections, which might be tricky with a large sled. It looked like it has been getting quite a bit of trafic out towards richards.


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