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Thread: radar arch??

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    Default radar arch??

    hey guys!...i am thinking about putting a small radar package on this boat for the occasional 2-3 weeks of the year when i hit the ocean!...most of the fishing will be in the "work channel" area just south of alaska panhandle!...can anyone share some pics of what they have on their smaller boats?....what is the average cost of these things?....i got a quote for about $1100 installed here in PG BC canada! that price in the ball park?...looking at one that will rap around the boat top, near the rear of the top cover!....also, what is a good light weight radar model that would be good with this rig?...thanks larry

    ps this is an 18 footer!

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    Question PYI mast type mounts

    Seems like a small boat to need radar? The radar antenna/dome can be heavy and needs to be mounted fairly high on the vessel to function properly, that adds to being top heavy. You might check out the thread about the dinghy rack, it had some pics with rod holders/dinghy racks that might be what your looking for. PYI makes mast/post type mounts for radar domes.

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    The price sounds about right. Here is a photo of a radar/ant/rod rack that I used as a guide to have mine made. I had mine made large enough to carry my small raft or shrimp pots. You want to keep the load light and not get your center of gravity too high...


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    thanks for the responses guys!!....i hear ya Myers about the weight, i had this unit in mind, or somethng close!...i see some are 50 lbs and up!..this unit is under 20 pounds!

    is this unit junk?..i know garmin is good with gps stuff, but radar??

    nice rigs Stid!! my gears turning!...i told the fab guys to make it light and stong as possible( 1 inch tube)..plan on no more than 4 rocket launchers, too!

    anymore pics of boaters rador arch set up???....thanks larry

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    Thats a great unit, but IMO, the HD one is just more money. I have the same unit but regular and it works like a charm, i coudlnt ask for more. I think its about 300 bucks cheaper too. that said, i havent actualy seen the HD version in action, but I've heard from people I work with that its not much different.

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    thanks griff for your info!..i will look into it!..have until april until i buy a radar unit and have an arch installed!..will just keep reading and asking questions!.....larry

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    Default I have the Garmin

    BC, I have this unit and it performs very well. Integrated into the chartplotter like on the Garmin 3000/4000/5000 series, and it's better than a video game!



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    If you don't what you are looking for I can fabricate anything you want, and do it as a hobby, so reasonable. RC 346-1167 or

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    thanks all for the help, but it appears there will be a slight change of plans!....we plan on "stepping up" to a bigger boat in the new year or next and will use the money for the radar etc for the new boat! otherwords, the 18 footer with jet will just have to be happy the way it is!!..was hopeing to go out in the chuck but that will come in due time! again thanks for all the advice and Pms!!....larry


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