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    Caught the thread about hook size & the other as well.
    I usually just use store (TW) bought pre-tied rigs (complete with SNG or cheater---what's the difference between the two?) or sometimes I'll buy the hook/leader rig and rig up the SNG/beads myself.
    What lb test do you guys like for drifting SNG/eggs (as in the leader)? I was thinking of maybe making my own rigs out of fluorocarbon leader; is the extra $$$ worth it on the glacial Kenai? Last time I drifted, we lost a couple of rigs from snagging; I think we let out too much line; I see guys cast out the rig from the boat and that's pretty much it? Maybe too much weight? Should be tapping the bottom regularly?

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    I use 60# leader and 2.5 oz of weight. You should be tapping/dragging the bottom regularly. And no, you don't need to invest in fluorocarbon leaders... Kenai Kings certainly aren't leader shy.

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