Well god bless my girlfriend and her women like notions to hone in on my needs and wants. She has been putting up with me going out day after day to call and always gives me a hard time when i come home empty handed and asks why keep doing it. Well I tell her it's fun and enjoy it and being outside plus if not getting a shot off you get to see the animal in it's animal like state. So friday night while trying to round up a spot light which worked but coulnd't get a red lense for it or make one we went out with what we had. So she bought me the Primos riffle spot light and gave it to me for an early gift, now i told her you know what this means right and the response i got was don't wake me up. SWEET!! She wants to come with me when i get it down to a science, but I think I can get her to go before then. So to the point...has anyone used this before? I'm new to the whole night calling any tips as to besides the full moon whens a good time, any time? Do you call with the spotlight on all the time or does turning it on and off through out a set bother the animals? I asked in another thread of mine but if you don't read that one, what brand of calls seems to work best of fox? I had one come running in hard only to hang up in the brush on the rabbit call i got but couldn't coax him out, and one today that couldn't care what you called at him didn't seem to get it fancy. In fact when my buddy called on his Screeny rabbit call he walked the other way and went back to mousing, now I'm sure this might have something to do with being call wise maybe as we ran into a couple of guys that basically told us they had a few fox scared as they were spreading lead with their AR's and I'm sure some yotes as well as they seem to hang up 900 yds or so, so I know that isn't helping me any, but any thoughts as to what some of you guys use or have had luck with would be awsome as I would like to get these wise critters.