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Thread: Bowtech Tomkat....

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    Question Bowtech Tomkat....

    Hey guys,

    So while I should have been working tonight I was browsing the archery dept. at SW. The fellow there said he could get me a 2008 Tomkat, fully set-up, for under 600.

    I'm currently shooting a Bear Bruin Quad, which weighs about 5 tons and shoots about 2 feet per second I don't know a whole lot about them, but I have gotten the chance to shoot a bowtech before and I loved it....

    Anyhoo, I have a few questions for anyone who would be kind enough to answer them.

    1. Do the newer bows shoot aluminums well? I like the 24xx's and other such giant logs.

    2. What is the general price range for a Tomkat? I haven't looked at them in a bit but it seemed like under 600 for one that included arrows/release/rest/quiver/etc. was fairly decent.

    3. Any good/bad reviews from people here on the Tomkat? I'd found a older thread on them but it had been fairly short lived.

    Thanks guys,

    Nurse by night, Alaska adventurer by day!

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    i own a tomkat its my first bow so cant really compare to others but i like it enjoy shooting it. i believe i paid around 500 for mine but that was about a year and half ago. i would say u cant go wrong with the price.

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    Default Tomkat

    I own one as well and really like it. Scott at SW set it up for me and it has worked like a charm!! I have hunted with it as well as target practise shooting. It seems to be fairly rugged and "idiot" proof... a requirement for me!!!

    If your looking to step up a level or two it seems like a good move.


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    Thumbs up Tomkat

    There's one on Craigslist right now for $450 ready to go. Shot my Tomkat for the first time last night and it's was very quiet, fast and smooth. I'm using the Easton ST Axis arrows with my own blazer vanes installed.

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    The Tomkat is a very nice bow, I almost went with one but i changed my mind becuase i wanted to customize my bow a little bit more. I dont really care for the W.B. rest. I talked to a guy who shoot aluminum arrows out of his tomkat and really like the way it shot them. I would personally think about going with a carbon arrow.


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