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Thread: Getting dogs used to the sound of a gun

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    Default Getting dogs used to the sound of a gun

    Does anyone have a suggestion for getting 3 silly golden retrievers used to the sound of a gun? I want to start them out right and not make them fear the noise. I had a bad experience with a previous dog and she ran whenever she heard the sound of a gun.

    My goal is to keep them calm.

    Does anyone know for sure if the sound of a revolver or rifle will hurt the dogs ears? I've heard different things on that.

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    Yes, long term exposure to gunfire can make dogs loose their hearing.
    It affects them just as much as it affects us.

    The key to training them is to properly condition them to gunfire. It should always be related to something they enjoy. Which for retrievers is retrieving.
    There are steps that need to be done before you even pull the guns out.

    There was a previous post before yours that also discussed this same topic. Look at the "Gun Shy" thread. Points of interest from me and others are mentioned there.
    If you have any further questions feel free to contact me.


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