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Thread: 2009 Hunting Season

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    Default 2009 Hunting Season

    As I sit in the cold and dark dreaming of next year, at least I can sleep easy knowing that I at least have a plan for the next hunting season. You would think that Xmas time would have other priorities, however December is the time to shop for your air taxi needs for the following season. So here is my outdoor plan for 2009, anyone else booked their hunts yet???

    Spring May/Jun will be chasing bears around PWS with the wife and a friend that I was in Iraq with.

    June will find me getting into sheep shape and chasing the Kings around and dipping the Copper for Reds.

    July, more fishing and more training for sheep.

    August will find me and a fellow forum brother in the 40 mile country looking for Grizzly and Caribou.

    A quick 2 day break then into the Wrangells for a mid season sheep hunt.

    September and it is time to pack up the levitator and head to the river for a float moose hunt.

    Oct/Nov have dreams of a goat hunt but still need a partner and a plan. As always the draw results could have an effect on some of my plans, but I can work around that “LOL”

    Now to get in shape and be ready. Plus in 8 more days we will start gaining daylight instead of loosing it. Come on spring.

    Good Luck to All

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    Glad I'm no the only one,lol....

    May/June- going to get my buddy with the 24' searunner off his bum and got after blackies in PWS.

    Put in for goat and sheep again so will wait to see on the tags.

    Aug. & late Sept.- Moose around the cabin.

    Sept. looking at doing another Brooks range Caribou trip. If no sheep tag maybe do a Caribou/Sheep combo. I love the Brooks, gotta get back there!

    AHHHHHHH, The dream state.....

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    Default Of Course

    I missed Alaska this year - definitely not 2 years in a row.

    August - Chicken Ridge caribou

    Later August - Kodiak for fishing (silvers & halibut) & deer/caribou.

    Lots of fun thanks to friends who live in Alaska.

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    Jan-April - Hopefully figure out this predator calling thing. I won't be out all the time, as backcountry skiing becomes my priority as the daylight gets longer. Still, I'd like to give it a shot 5-6 more times and hopefully connect a time or two. Also taking my nephew out to get his first hare or ptarmigan.

    May - maybe a weekend hunt for grizzlies

    June - First week of June will be taking my nephew for his first black bear hunt. Later in June I'll turn towards filling the freezer with reds and maybe another shot at a grizzly.

    July - Fishing, climbing, packrafting, and lots of scouting for sheep. I have three areas in mind, and only a very short window for hunting next year, so scouting will be important.

    August - Possibly PWS deer (and shrimp/salmon/halibut) from Aug 1st-4th. Walk-in sheep from the 8th-12th. My August hunting has been seriously curtailed by the earlier start date for teachers, but I'll make the best of the short window I have. Last weekend of August possibly an archery goat hunt.

    Sept - Weekend walk-in hunts for moose or bear. Plans subject to change based on drawing results.

    Oct - Bison hunt.

    I'm potentially looking at taking some personal leave to plan a fly-out hunt in Sept, but I'm not sure if that'll work out this year. If not, I'm happy with my weekends.

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    Jan-Mar...Ptarmigan with the kids up near Cantwell

    April- End of April turkey hunt with my daughter in sunny California
    May- Spring black bears and grizzlies with my son- walk-ins in Denali State Park, work, work, work some more
    Sep- Moose hunting with the kids
    Oct- Fall grizzly if we don't get one in the spring
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    Default Need more time

    As active duty Coast Guard, I don't get as much time as I want. Especially since I have to spend 8 days on a vacation that doesn't involve hunting. Its a must do that free's me up to hunt the rest of my time.

    Spring - Black Bear around Kake
    Aug - Sheep
    Sept - Caribou in Kotz
    Oct/Nov - goat

    Stid - We spoke sometime ago. I might be able to get a decent goat hunt down here in SE alaska. I plan on going and I will keep you in mind.

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    March ~ help dad punch his Bison tag
    August ~ Wrangell Sheep
    Sept ~ Annual moose boondogle
    Oct/Nov ~ Kodiak Deer
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    May- Blackies or grizzly, but I've said that for a couple years and never seem to fit it in. Rainbows on the Kenia. Anchor River kings.

    June & July- Construction six days a week followed up by one day marathon trips to the Kenai for reds, kings, and rainbows. Lots of sheep training hikes.

    August- Dip net reds. Hopefully a good sheep hunt and one or two marathon trips to the Kenai for rainbows. If no sheep, then a moose hunt at the end of the month.

    Sept.- Caribou out of either Kotz or Bettles. Moose if time and work allow. The beginning of Steelies on Deep Creek. Oh, did I mention Rainbows.

    Oct. & Nov.- Blackies and registration goat if available. Steelies on Deep Creek.

    Disclaimer: All statements are subject to change dependent on draw permit results.

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    Yes , im excited about solstice day as well . Thats a sign to start preparing . I started earlier with my cardio and strength ( nov.30th)

    April - archery meat hunt ( bou )
    May - archery blk. bear
    June -Halibut
    july -
    aug.-father & sons sheep hunt .
    sept. - archery caribou

    All these plans could change . My brother is stage four with melanoma . Rare form at that . He just retired this year from
    Buffalo Fire Dept. too .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultra mag View Post
    My brother is stage four with melanoma . Rare form at that . He just retired this year from
    Buffalo Fire Dept. too .
    So sorry to hear that. In the same boat with a friend and just buried one a few weeks back, hard thing to deal with.

    Hang in there, prayers sent from my family to yours............


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    Default just my thoughts

    I hope to be in Alaska no later than Mid Oct, after a year here in Iraq. The goal is to go deer hunting on one of the islands with one or two of my kids. Maybe a day trip looking for blackies before going to den.

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    Like everyone else the August-Oct hunts a subject to change due to drawings that I know I won't draw.

    Jan-March: Try my hand at predator hunting as much as I can

    April/May: Grizz and Black bear hunting.

    June/July: Backpacking and Packrafting as much as possible as an excuse to get out and scout and get in sheep shape.

    August: Hunting the sheep opener for atleast 7 days. Soon as I get back from that doing a walk-in bou hunt with my wife.

    Sept: Moose hunting, black bear hunting on the Kenai, and grizz out the Denali. Possibly sheep hunting as well if I didn't score on the first go 'round.

    October: A cow elk bowhunt in AZ with my wife.

    This concludes the majority of my hunting for 2009. However, if I was wishing August will involve Sheep in DCUA or possibly archery sheep in Eklutna and goats on the Kenai or Kodiak.

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    Dec/Jan- Small game/ Predators
    Feb/March -Musk ox
    April/May -Bears
    June/July -Fishing
    August/Sep -Golden curls #1 PRIORITY/ Moose/ Caribou/ Bears
    Oct/ Nov-Goat, Deer, Elk, Bears

    Sheep Shape is a 365 day event, but of course this time of year makes it pretty darn tuff! Nothing set in stone, all hunts subject to change if the wif reads this, if so then I am going to Dinsley Land with the family some time, mayeb next Dec.? If the season is open & my tag isn't filled might as well keep @ it. Life is to short.

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    Default hunts

    May/June-Black bear baiting
    May/brown bear in Sitka
    Aug.-sheep and possible goat(?)
    Oct.-possible goat

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    Default my dreams

    first, sorry to hear about your brother Utramag, rough time of the year to be going through this.. My father-in-law died of cancer on Christmas Eve year before last.

    but as far as getting ready for next year;

    jan-dreaming or scheming about hunting, and an occasional trip out to do some pretator calling or kill a few rabbits.
    feb-same depending on weather.
    mar-by march i'm usually full into the dreaming/scheming part and getting gear ready.
    apr-late april is weekend hunts for early griz.
    may-weekend griz hunts and pws black bear (sounds like too many of will be out there).
    jun-slow month, halibut maybe
    jul-kings and dipnetting reds
    aug-silvers and a solo sheep hunt on the Brooks or Delta depending on drawings.
    sep-Moose! site depending on draw
    oct-silvers on the clearwater and maybe a few ducks
    nov-back to dreaming and predator calls.
    dec-it's gonna be a long winter....

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    January, Febuaruy..march.. collect bear bait... may do some calling over x mas with kids ... trapping with them is a bust this year.. taking dead farm animal donations all winter...

    March. based on last years observations... start cutting new trails for bear bait spots...

    April set baits build stands etc. also work on getting equipment in to claim... Still trying to decide if taking the Hoe in or not...

    May bears starting to roll over in our area. get the sent trails out.baits are will be missing some school by this point

    June Gris is done. blackies are full swing... looking for meat bears by this time head to claim creeks are running by now.

    July. Gray ling fishing on the claim... play in the dirt. watching the ducks hatch in the ponds...

    Aug... Caribou, pre season on the moose count.. not to worried about that though according to F&G we have to many still... should have seen ONE by now...

    Sept... looking for that Fall bear. and Keeping an eye on my stuff out at the claim.... will be a steady stream of people by now.. and most have my out house on the GPS... ( not hard to find only one in country)

    October... bet every one is back at home, by now and i will be dealing with the Hunting season DWI.... issues.
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    Default 2009

    Awesome thread at -9degrees.
    May-Black Bear baiting or PWS near Cordova
    (also chase early saltwater kings!)
    -Long layoff for hunting June - August but then.........
    September Yukon Moose! Permit or registration, I don't care.
    October Kodiak deer, South End ( a trip I will never give up)
    October continued in South Dakota pheasant hunting.

    Don't get me wrong, fishing takes up my other free time.

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    boy this is a tough one....

    Late march.....bears
    dec.....uhh laundry.

    just trying to help out all you moose hunters.
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    Jan - May winter king fishing, Ptarmigan

    May - Aug king/halibut fishing, possible Brown Bear Hunt

    Aug first sheep hunt for me is planned in Wrangells

    Sept Moose (not sure where yet)

    Oct - Dec Deer either in the sound or maybe a trip to Kodiak

    also would like to get some caribou hunting done

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    May/june Spring bear

    July/Aug Fishin

    Sept Mooses and bou

    Oct/Nov - Depends if I draw a tag.
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