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Thread: v-8 inboard jet performance/fuel economy

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    Default v-8 inboard jet performance/fuel economy

    researching for inboard jet boat purchase and want to hear from owners of duckworth, wooldridge, thunderjet, and others.

    question: what performance/fuel burn can one expec with 5.7/6.0/8.1L engines and hamilton 212 or 213 in a 22-24ft boat w/ light/heavy loads?

    i am looking hard at the wooldridge sporttour and classic and the duckworth magnum with the wide bottom, canvas top.


    forty below

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    Smile Jet Performance

    I have a 2004 24' Weldcraft Select, 8 1/2 beam, 7' bottom 8.1 {385 hp} marine power and a Hamilton 241 {9 1/2''} jet. I have had 5000# and jumped on step. At cruise 3000 rpm depending on wind, tide, load, 30-33 mph @ 8 1/2 to 10 gph, wot 4400rpm 50mph. This boat is loaded and and very clean with the camper canvas for rear deck,bench seats 54'' wide make into bed, suspension seats, garmin 238 sounder-gps, vhf, cb, am-fm-cd stereo, remote spot/search light, rear deck work light, downriggers, pool holders, anchor and 300' line with 25' chain, 7' raft, heater/defroster and much more!! 221 hrs serviced every 25 hrs, also a 2004 Yamaha 15 hp kicker with TR-1 Gold auto pilot. Lots of storage room, holds 125 gal. gas. This is a turn key boat, and needs nothing. Trailer is a 2004 Tricker with dual axle surge brakes. $55,000 Email

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    Default 22' Wooldridge Sportour

    I have a Wooly Sportour with 5.7L Kodiak. Check your private messages for info. SeaULater

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    SeaULater, can I ask you where that picture was taken at?

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    Hello griff, The pic was taken on a small river that feeds into the Yukon River. It was nearing sunset and I had stopped to walk up into the trees to call for moose.

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    Default woolridge owners and carb v. fuel injected engines

    what is your motor/jet combo and how much gas do you burn with light/heavy loads?

    i hear a carb is preferred if you are going to be running up river and buying gas in remote areas. do carbs handle water in gas better than fuel injectors?


    forty below

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    I have a Kodiak carbed 350 and a Kodiak three stage pump on a 21 foot harbercraft, running empty 10-12 gallons per hour loaded with about 3000 lbs 16-18gallons per hour. You will find that you will burn more than what everyone says, depending on boat load, engine, pump and what rpm's you run at. The 350 is only 310 hp so looking at the new 383 stroker, more power and the same weight as the 350 and has 420 hp., which should help with fuel in the long run as you shouldnt have to run at a high rpm. The Kodiak pump is a volume pump and is great if your hauling or pushing heavy loads, and it will run in the mid 40's on the gps, i chose this pump for this reason. A moose, gear, fuel etc... weight adds up fast.

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    I run a 05 weldcraft saber xl 20' 350 marine power 315hp carbed with a AT 309 hd. Went with the carbed because I can work on a carb, and dont have the heat issue ( hot start ) that some have had with the fuel injected. with 5 adults in the boat plus there fishing and hunting gear it will run 26-28mph up stream and 32-34 mph down ( talkeetna river ) at 3200-3400rpm. 43mph wot on the gps on Wasilla lake. I could throttel back to 3000rpm but that puts the boat on the verge of coming off step. I burn between 8-10gph, if it is just me and the wife I can sqeek out just a touch better than 8gph.

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    Default Engine Performance

    Forty, Here is a link for some engine info you might want to check out and follow:

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    Default Another Engine Link

    Forty, check out this one also. Link:

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    Default Another Engine Link

    Forty, check out this one also. Link:

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    Default any 383s in alaska?


    thanks for the links. looks like the 383 w/ 212 and 3.4 impeller could be a good performer in a 22ft boat.

    any other opinions out there on this combo?

    forty below


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